Communication Between The Sexes

Yes, communication is a big deal! It’s also a difficult proposition for so many...especially when the interaction needs to happen between opposite sexes. Female to male communication is one of the biggest handicaps to a successful life, home, business, team, and everywhere else men and women come together.

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Why and How To Keep A Journal

One of the most common habits of successful and influential people throughout history is keeping a journal. More than, "Dear Diary," journaling is the practice of recording, exploring, and facing your own thoughts and life.

Understanding and unlocking this powerful practice is much more than writing things down. This course breaks it all down for you.
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Decision-Making Made Easy

A or B? Left or Right?

These are decisions that might not make you lose sleep, but they are also not the majority of decisions we face in life. PJ McClure turns the complications of decision-making into a practical, easy to understand application.

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The Resolution Revolution

Resolutions are as common as champagne and bright lights on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, very few of them are still alive when the calendar turns to February. It's time for a new way to look at our desire to improve our lives.

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Unlock My Life

Work-Life Balance is a myth. Still yet, millions of dollars are spent each year as people seek this elusive creature. In Unlock My Life, PJ lays out a parable to explain the problem and beautiful analogy to show you the solution.

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Goal Setting That Works

No single piece of "success" advice is more common than, "set good goals." Why is it that very few people ever achieve their goals once set?

Goal Setting That Works takes you through the problem and into the solution with practical, simple guidance to make it better instantly.

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Beating Holiday Overwhelm

No one should live in anxiety of a family holiday or entire season. In fact, they should easily be one of the most joyous times of every year, but too many people live with dread every holiday season.

It can be better and PJ McClure shows you how.

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