Reality Check for Success

Popular as it may be, the idea of acting as if you are something you are not (fake it till you make it), is psychotic. At least in terms of becoming successful. I cannot count the number of people, me included, that tried to put this notion into practice, only to end up more miserable than before.

“Tell yourself that you are successful and you’ll be successful.”  I have to admit that the strategy worked for me… for about six minutes. Then the rest of the world, who apparently wasn’t in on the gag, brought me screaming back to reality.

“What do you mean I’m broke and they’re going to repossess my car? I just told myself that I’m financially independent and give away more money than I make!”

After two, three, or fifty tries at it, my brain had enough and started a full-scale rebellion. Reminding me at every turn that I was lying to myself. To make it worse, all of the fears of inadequacy and regret I carried with me came roaring in as back up.

Any time we go counter to our perceived reality and try to fake it, our conscious minds will not take it quietly. I know of a handful of people that claim success with fake-it-till-you-make-it. After more than a decade of seeing the practice ruin people’s self-esteem, I can only conclude that they are exceptional. As with anything else, if it works for you, I won’t try to stop you. If it doesn’t, be honest with yourself and get ready to make some real progress.

The entire idea of fake-it-till-you-make-it is flawed because you are “faking” the result hoping the cause will come into alignment. This is like acting as if your basement isn’t flooded hoping your pipes will miraculously mend. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but that isn’t a high-percentage play.

Wanting to connect your vision with the right emotions is wonderful and productive, but not by trying to convince your brain, things are different than they are. Your subconscious mind is amazingly powerful! We only need to give the subconscious the right material and it will tie the two together on its own. No games!

If you want the results promised by fake-it-till-you-make-it, there’s a simple, powerful way to pull it together. Use the very real emotions of your current gratitude and tie them to the vision of your desired life.

The purpose of tying this subconscious knot between our vision and gratitude is so that the vision comes alive. With a clear, emotional picture, we can put the rest of the Elements in place and make something happen.

At this point, we can establish our Purpose to support our efforts. Next, we confirm our Belief and layout our Obvious Actions to get started. Our heightened awareness tunes us in to Intuitive Actions that get us closer to that vision and we are now able to recognize Forgiveness issues. They all work together without the need for vibrations and universal alignments that are out of your control.

Be true to yourself, always. If you are ever asked to do something that feels incongruent or like an attempt to lie to yourself, challenge it.

Be your best,


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