Time To Get In The Game?

I’m a recovering news junkie. At one time in my life I actually thought it would be fun…yes, I said, “fun”…to write political columns, so I paid close attention daily. What I learned through all of it is the news media’s job is to make every item seem like it has life-altering consequences and every problem in the world appear as a crisis.

You may not know this, but seldom are they actually anywhere near that important. In fact, things are usually as important as you allow them to be.

While we’re clearing the air about addictions…I still have track marks from my sports habit. Not a day would go by that I wouldn’t need a fix. It was a bittersweet day when I realized that I was putting most of my energy into games that I wasn’t actually playing and had no measure of control.

Only a small number of players, coaches, and team owners have the talent and privilege to prepare for and play in those games for gain. These are the ones who make the news for winning and have the opportunity to reap the benefits.

It’s important to note that I’ve never been paid to watch a professional sporting event. Spectators are seldom in the news and don’t draw any real significance from their “involvement” with the team.

Life is much the same as the news and sports. Things are as important as you make them and spectators miss out on the rewards. We are all allowed to play the game of life professionally and millions of people only choose to watch.

These are the ones running from one self-imposed emergency to another and never taking an active role in the outcome of their lives. They are adrift in life, tossed around and directed by the strongest wave or current. Everything seems beyond their control as they scream like victims and refuse to take the helm and engage their circumstances.

Conversely, the players have direction daily. That’s right, everyday! They realize how fruitless it is to meander for any period at all. Charting a course and doing your best to navigate is the only way to success.

When the waves are high and currents swift, players make something happen. Sometimes through sheer will; successes refuse to “sit down and take it.” These are the times of legend and examples for others to follow are created.

Something else that sticks with me about my sports addiction is the power of association. No matter how rabid of a fan I am…I don’t get to hang out with the players. The locker room is reserved for those that play and understand the game.

Great players associate with great players. Spectators hang out with…well, not the players.

Spectators talk with each other about the performances of players while players talk with each other about how to get better and become greater players. They have different habits and understand that decisions are not meant to deprive them of things they enjoy, but to help them focus on activities that really contribute to their growth.

Look at your habits, your plan for each day, and the people with which you associate. What does the evaluation tell you about your position? Do you watch more reality shows than read books? What do you want your life to look like and will your performance now get you there?

You can play the game of life at whatever level you want and the decision is purely yours. Get in the game!

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