You, A Celebrity!

The common picture of a celebrity involves glam, glitz, and paparazzi. Belief in yourself isn’t a required part of the criteria because we usually see an inability to live a normal life. And if you’re one of the chosen few…you can have a public meltdown and collapse from under the pressure of your awesomeness.

No thanks.

There’s another kind of celebrity that is available to everyone, but doesn’t require you to pose for The National Enquirer or keep a change of clothes at the Betty Ford Clinic. As this type of celebrity, you are actually required to be a normal, approachable person. In fact, everything about you looks just like the folks next door…except for one thing.

It’s that One Thing that makes you a celebrity because no one on this earth has your experience, depth of knowledge, or passion in that area. By tapping into that One Thing, you will launch yourself into exactly the level of stardom and celebrity the world needs you to be and this one does require belief in yourself.

“So get to it already PJ! What is it?”

I don’t know…but I bet you do.

You’ve probably known since you were a kid, but someone told you to stop daydreaming and focus on more practical things. Or you looked around you and thought, “Someone else already does what I love to do, so I should probably do something else. Something more realistic for a person with my background.”

It’s in those nudges from childhood that our celebrity exists. The things you played and dreamt of when time seemed to stand still.

Your celebrity waits on the fringes of your heart, pulling toward things you’d do if you didn’t have to work for a living. You think you’ve grown out of them, but they never go away.

Yes, you have the makings of a celebrity in the area you love the most. The level of celebrity depends on where you are needed. The world…your community…your family…your business….all of them are equally huge and not everyone is called to the same place, but we are all called.

Do us all a favor, please. Sit down and release yourself to write down every ridiculous, impractical thing you would love to do. All of them, if you’ve got enough paper! Don’t edit at all.

When you’ve laid them all out and realized your notebook or journal isn’t laughing at you, read each one individually and give it space to echo around in your mind. Which ones really cause “that feeling” in you? You know the one…

I’m not going to blow smoke and say, “You can have any of those things you want,” because there is something formidable between my statements of encouragement and that dream. YOU!

You have to be the one that believes you can have it. It doesn’t require a lot of belief in yourself though. Only enough to take one step. Maybe your dream of singing causes you to look into a vocal lesson. Maybe the 11-year old architect inside of you just needs some cool software to play with or the victorious warrior needs to align with a cause. Whatever the call on your life, it only needs one step at a time to see light.

Please take yourself seriously and release the dreamer. Yes, there is work that follows, but there is work whether you pursue your dream or not. Wouldn’t you and the world at-large be better served if you worked for something more?

Be your best,


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